Screaming Polo Heater Fan?

Sorting a Screaming Fan:-

1)    Lift the bonnet and  remove the cover under the scuttle

2)    Lubricate the outer end of the shaft and bearing - I used spray grease but oil would be OK

3)    Drill a small hole in the casing (big enough to take the spray-grease tube) as shown by the white arrow, but
        only just through the casing or you will damage the fan blades below

4)    Feel for the axle centrally with the nozzle, and give a burst or two of spray

5)     Run the fan and see if the squeak has gone - if not, give each bearing another shot

Sorting a Fan that only has high speed available:-

If you only have high speed available, the resistor pack at the left of the picture has failed.  To sort this out:-

1)    Get another from a scrapyard or retail outlet - make sure the wire-wound part on the replacement is in good order

2)    Replace the resistor unit, and test.


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  2007 Dave Hall