OFFICERS'  MESS,                    
ROYAL AIR FORCE,          




Monday 14th October, 1940

Dear Dad,

          Having got a nice cigar going, I can settle down comfortably to writing home.   

          I don't think much has happened since I last wrote.   We are still cracking over Germany, although the weather has held up some of the trips.   I suppose we must expect adverse weather conditions from now until the spring, but it isn't pleasant to arrive at the coast of England and find the place covered in fog and mist, with ice forming at 1500 feet. 
On our last trip we ran into a terrific barrage in the target area in spite of thick weather, and we were unable to find the target.   After an hour's search, we had to return with our bomb-load still on board, and had to make an almost blind landing in the fog - rather shaking with 1,000 pounds of high explosive underneath.   Fortunately I made a gentle landing, more by luck than judgment, and it was the only good one made that night.   Some chaps were circling for nearly an hour trying to get down, and the fellows on the ground seemed to be more scared than anyone else.   Still, they all got down safely even though some did arrive a little ropily.

          I rather expect to get seven days' leave very shortly, and I will try to get a holiday in the country - it wouldn't be much fun spending the week in London - no sort of rest.

          I have not been able to get over to Stoke to see old Tom, but I will try to do so as soon as possible.   What I should like to do is to get somebody to drop me off one day and pick me up the next, so that we could have any evening out somewhere.   The trouble is that there would probably be lots of low cloud over the Pennines and I should be stranded there for a week.   That would be alright, but I should have to come back by train, and itís an impossible journey.   However Iíll see what can be done.

          I'm managing to getting in lots of squash and some country walks, so life is not so bad.  Anyway, I shall be glad of a holiday, and am looking forward to seeing all the folks at home once again.   Please give my love to Mother and Alan, and tell Mother Iíll bring her model when I come home. 

          Hoping to see you soon, 
          I remain, your loving son,