Officers' Mess, 

Sunday 8th September, 1940

Dear Dad,

          Things don't seem to be so good here - we are confined to camp, and may have to take-off at a moment's notice.   Anyway, I shall be first pilot if we go, and we should be able to shake Berlin pretty badly between us.   I am expecting to do about 1200 miles tomorrow, but the plans may be revised if the situation demands it.   
          I hope you didn't get too bad a time yesterday - I don't suppose it was very comfortable anywhere in London, but I gather that the South East got off comparatively lightly.

          I have been placed in command of a rifle platoon of 40 men for defence purposes if an invasion should arrive, but I fancy I shall be in the air in that case, so that I shall have to find someone else to take the platoon in hand.   However, the idea is good, and the men are fine, the men are fine, fine, by Gad! Very keen!

          I must just mention that we had fresh salmon and partridge for lunch - very nice, makes you think, don't it, eh?

          Well I can't tell you everything we have been doing this week, so I will say cheerio.   I will write when I have more news.

          Love to Mother and the boys,
          From your loving son,