Officers' Mess, 

Sunday 25th August, 1940

Dear Mother,

          Many happy returns of the day - isn't it a pity that you can't have any icing on your cake?   I am making another Hampden model for you, so it will have to count as a birthday present - I think you will like it.

          I do wish you could see my room here - I have moved into the senior officers' quarters, and oh boy, is it good - H & C running water, fitted wardrobes, oak furniture, central heating, three lighting points, one in centre of room, one over washbasin, and one reading lamp. All brand new and very modern.   The batman pampers me properly - folds everything up, and arranges my clothes in order ready to put on in the morning.   He even turns my socks half inside out and lays them on top of my shoes - oh, amazing! Draws my bawth every morning, too - good show!

          I have bought myself one or two things with my birthday cash.   You wait until you see my dressing gown - it's in red silk with white spots, very tasteful, very sweet!   I linger in the corridor now, hoping somebody will see me in it!

          The case Dorothy bought me arrived the other day - it's a beauty - even the batman (head one) remarked about it.   Nice to have one's own initials, don't you think?   Ask Tom if he thinks it's nice to have one's own initials on a case?   
          Tell him also that I have been putting in some sterling work with the squacquet and will certainly challenge him to a thrashing when I get a chance.

          I am glad to hear that the boys are having a good time at Exeter - I wish I could go and join them.

          I do not know whether I shall be posted at the end of next week, but I think I shall - hope so anyway, but in any case I cannot tell about leave yet.   However, I will endeavour to let you know if I am coming home.

          Cheerio for now, love to all,

                    from your loving son, 


Marvellous food! Yorkshire grouse for lunch today O.K..

I have not been able to find auntie  E's cheque.   The last I saw of the letter was on Alan's trouser press in my bedroom.   Would you please have another look?

Sorry, I put Mrs M.C. Hall instead of T.E. but am not going to waste paper.   G.