Officers’ Mess,           
R.A.F. STATION,              

Wednesday 7th August ’40.

Dear Mother,

          You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I shall probably be home on Friday.   The Flight commander expects to finish the course by mid-day on Friday, and I should hurry home after lunch .   This is the most interesting course so far, although we seem to be kept very busy.   I have done a five hour trip this afternoon, am night flying tonight, and have another five hour trip on at 6 o’clock tomorrow morning.

          Uncle Harry sent me a very nice letter the other day, and enclosed half a guinea as an early 21st birthday present - I will let you read the letter when I get home – it is a very U.H. letter.
          I hope you like the photographs - I thought they were rather good.   I have ordered them, and they will be sent direct to you, if the bloke at the shop understands the complicated instructions I gave him. I think he will make a good job of them.

          I have enclosed a cheque for 13/4 which I owed to Dad in respect of sports kit purchased from the commissariat at the college.   Tell him that I'm sorry he has had to wait so long for it, but better late than never (old saw).   The other one is for you, and must only be used as your own pocket money.

          Well, I expect be seeing you at the end of the week, so until then, cheerio.

          Love to Dad and the boys,
          From your loving son,