Officers’ Mess,           
    R.A.F. STATION,              
TELEPHONE:- BICESTER 197.         

Wednesday 17th July ’40.

Dear Dad,

          Work here continues normally, weather permitting, and we are getting quite accomplished pilots on (censored - assumed Hampdens).   I think that I shall continue here until the middle of August, and by that time I ought to know something about the job.   The chaps who went to Bicester at the same time as I came here are being posted to squadrons at the end of the week, while the fighter boys are already in action.   One of the chaps at Grantham had to bale out after a fight over the coast, but got away with a couple of broken legs.

          Did you hear Mr Gardiner’s running commentary on the air-fight over the channel? Wasn’t it thrilling - we heard it at lunch time in the mess, and it caused no end of amusement. 

          Well, I am beginning to get hard-up, as my banking account is not yet going.   However, I hope to get it through soon, and have been chasing up the pay accounts people - they don't really deserve capital letters.

          I wrote to old Tom, the cabbage, the other day, but give him my regards and best wishes.
          Tell Sylvest I wish him good battin’ and bowlin’, and good shooting on the range. When is he due for the 41st medal on his chest (big chest)?

          Please give my love to mother, and tell her I will try to get home for 48 hours as soon as I can.
          Cheerio for now, and best wishes from