Officers' Mess,                



Dear Dad,

          Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote to you, including the fact that I forgot all about your birthday - for which omission I apologise.   Many happy returns for the 20th.

          I told you that the fighter boys went to Brize Norton and Rissington to fly Harvards.   Yesterday they returned, and are off to Sutton Bridge this afternoon.   They all seem quite pleased at the prospect of flying Hurricanes, and no wonder, judging by the success these machines have met with in France.

We had a farewell dinner on Friday for Group Captain Robinson, who has left us to go to Rhodesia, together with Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton.   We are very sorry to lose him, as he is a most charming man in every way.   However, the new G.C., Mackie by name, is a most tremendous fellow, but seemed quite a decent chap despite his awe-inspiring figure.

          On Friday evening, we, the fellows in the Mess, were interviewed individually by the A.O.C. of 21 group, A V-M Sutton MBE, DSO, MC, DFC etc etc.   He was a most delightful old gentleman, and seemed quite pleased to see us - I hope he took a good view of us, because upon that depends our Commissions.   I don't know how many will be given, but we may be disappointed.

          On Saturday I had a special medical exam by the M.O. prior to going before the pukka medical board at Cranwell.   He was very pleased about the result of that, so I don't expect to be let down in that direction.   I think the chances are fairly good but of course the other 16 are all very good chaps.   I hope there are enough to go round.   I hear rumours, purporting to emanate from the Station Adjutant, that we shall mostly go on to Hampdens, but I do not take too much notice of that.   However, we should know within a very few days where and on what we're going.   Flying-boats at Singapore, I hope!

          Cheerio for now, I will try to keep you informed as to events next week which will decide my fate.   I am doubtful whether I shall get home before postings go through, but will try my best. 

          All love and good wishes to mother and the boys, 
          from your loving son,  Geoff.