Officers' Mess,                



Dear Dad,

          I'm afraid that my last letter to you was a trifle premature in view of the present circumstances - everyone here was fed-up about losing their leave, especially the fellows who had been given 10 days off prior to reporting to squadrons.   However, we didn't have a bad time, as we were busy fitting guns to our aircraft and practising revolver shooting on the range with our Enfield .38s.   

We were given the Monday off duty, and managed to get to Skegness by train. It was a modest day, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

          There is not much more to be done on this course, and we are starting various tests.   I have completed my two navigation tests, Pilot-Navigator and Observer-Navigator, getting 90% and 88% respectively.   I did well on low-level bombing, and things are going pretty well at the moment.   I hope they will continue to do so, as there will be more chance of getting the type of aeroplane I want if I get a good assessment.   It appears the course ends on 1st June, having been cut down by a week in view of events.
          Two of the fellows on the previous course went to Sutton Bridge for 3 days, where they learnt to fly Hurricanes, and then were posted straight to France.   The fighter boys here have just gone for a few days to Rissington to fly Harvards preparatory to flying Hurricanes and Spitfires when they reach their squadrons.

          Since commencing this letter, I have received one from you, for which many thanks.   I am sorry to hear you have been unserviceable with contortions of the ribs, but note that you are now as good as new, though slightly flat in one of two places.   I shall look forward to a feed off home-grown young staff - and hope it will be very tasty - very sweet.

          Please give Tom are best wishes for the coming into view - I hope he hooks a substantial expedition , too.

          I am afraid I was unable to read the last part of a letter, something about the com..... however, I don't suppose it was important. 

          Love to all at 117,
               From Geoff.   (the sandwich)