Officers' Mess,                



Dear Dad,

          This is a brief note to let you know that I shall be home for Whitsun.   As far as things go at the moment, I shall be home some time on Saturday, but we may get away Friday evening, so don't be surprised if I turn up then.

           Yesterday, I had a busy day as Duty Pilot, and received two Air Vice-marshals, and dozens of S/Ldrs - who were massing here to attend a conference at 5 Group Bomber Headquarters.   Of course, the D.P. is a very important man, and commands great respect from the visitors - I was saluted by a Flying Officer, and a Squadron Leader called me “Sir”.

           I flew last night from 12 o'clock until 3:30, and got to bed at 4:30.  In fact, I have only recently arisen, and it is practically lunch time now.

           Tonight we have a Guest Night for members of the previous course, mostly P/O's, who are all posted to squadrons, and I expect it will be a bit of a riot.

           Anyway, as far as Whitsun is concerned, expect me when you see me.

          Cheerio, love to mother and boys, 
                                     from Geoff.

P.S. New racket. Cadets are now doing duty as “Orderly Officer”. Good show!