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Aaaaaaargh - Moan Page

If you've actually found this page (lets face it, it wasn't difficult) please don't feel you have to read it, there is nothing much of interest in it. It really is just a moan page.

I don't want to hear you winge - get me back to the story now!

Bad Welding!!!

(This bit refers to the repair panels mentioned on page one which is luckily the only welding of this quality (or lack of) which I've seen on the buggy.)

On a scale of welding where 10 is the really professional, looks a bit like a caterpillar type of welding, and 1 may as well be pidgeon shit, this welding doesn't even score zero. I mean, some people might think that they've seen bad welding, but this welding was infinitely bad. This welding was so bad, that it only took a single tap with a hammer and chisel to knock the whole 'repair panel' flying off into the distance. This welding was so bad, that rather than looking like a neat stream of weld, it looked like a small mouse had shat all over my floorpan. This welding was so bad, it had less holding power than wet sellotape. Even Dairylea would have held better. This welding was so bad, blah blah blah...   I could go on all day, but I won't.

OK...So maybe I can't weld. I've never even attempted welding, and I do appreciate that it's quite tricky to master, but if your welding is this bad then you should practice a bit more before you start welding up bits on your car. It's just a good job that it was only small panels on the floorpan rather than something slightly more critical.

Holy Sh...ell

(Refers to the bad state of the body shell mentioned on page two.)

I hate bodgers (people who bodge things up). I mean real bodgers. The kind who if given all the right tools will still insist on using a hammer and 3 foot long screwdriver in every possible way to get the job done. I always thought that this type of bodger had the highest degree of bodginess out of all the different species of bodger. (Yes, I am talking complete arse). That was until I saw the kind of job done on the buggy. This bodger in particular has only two tools...a riveter and a brick. The brick is used for making massive holes in inappropriate places. The riveter, although once used for fixing the carpet with rivets is actually just another device for making holes once I have to remove every single last rivet.

The amount of rivets used on the carpet was totally obscene, considering that it was already glued all over anyway. I can't understand the idea behind making massive holes in the back of the body, there doesn't appear to be any reason for them. The rest of the holes have clear uses attatched to them. The large jagged holes right at the back are for the lights. The big square hole on the top at the back (which was half filled with filler) would be for the air cleaner on a single carb engine and the large jagged hole where the steering column goes is clearly for that purpose.

It's just so annoying that the bloke who did this clearly hadn't heard of the highly sophisticated tools available now. For example:- A saw.

Just Bad Taste

What would make anybody want to put a Jaguar XJS filler cap on a buggy? I've got nothing against the XJS, It's just that it looks completely out of place, and it's not even fitted properly anyway.

Anyway, I'm done with moaning for the moment but as the project developes there will be plenty more where this came from.

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(Last updated May-99)